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Who we are

Axkez Energy Limited is a power servicing company whose principal focus lies in the provision of power solutions of diverse types. Our approach to tackling the peculiar energy problem of the country addresses both conventional means of energy generation as well as providing credible renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind.

Our particular focus is on providing solutions tailor-made to our clients’ unique energy needs and doing this using the best possible materials either in consultation or in installation while ensuring that our clients are served the best possible standard for their patronage.

In partnership with our affiliate company, TVL Engineering Services Limited, we have built a reputation for quality service delivery in electrical power solutions, consultancy, Alternative energy solutions, generator sales, lease, and maintenance. Our service capabilities meet international standards in the diverse areas of performance, technology, quality, responsiveness, and delivery while adding value to all stakeholders.


Professionalism in rendering of services with a focus on excellence, integrity and affordability. We are highly customer-centric and are driven by the belief the “customer is all” and this reflects in our relationship with the client which doesn’t just end after the completion of a sale or service but endures to ensure we maintain close and direct links to our strategic partners..

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.