Manufactured to highest industry standards by Kung Long Batteries Industrial Company Ltd, Long batteries is a global partner with Schneider Electric for the manufacture and replacement of Deep Cycle VRLA batteries. Batteries for general use, cyclic use and high rate-standby use are manufactured from 12Volts/1.2Amperes to 12Volts/200Amperes. Also, front end terminal batteries deployed by telecoms operators are manufactured from 12Volts/100Amperes to 12Volts/155Amperes as well as stationary batteries used for emergency lighting, telephony systems, airport/seaport signalling from 2Volts/75Amperes to2Volts/440Amperes.
Machine equipment with no internal combustion engines need to use external power to store electricity on secondary batteries so that when the machine is operating the power is completely provided by the batteries; therefore, the performance is determined by the battery design's rated capacity level and length of the cycle life.
Established 20 years ago, Kung Long Batteries Industrial Co., Ltd. is the only professional lead-acid battery manufacturer in Taiwan that owns a bonded factory and is also listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.